Phrasal Verbs: Look out!!!

One of the most difficult aspects of English is our use of “phrasal verbs”.  Combining a verb with different prepositions and adverbs can completely change the meaning of the verb.  Consider the following example of phrasal verbs using the verb “look”.

Today I was hurrying to school so I could finish my assignment about phrasal verbs.  I still needed to look up the meaning of phrasal verbs using the verb “look”.  Thinking about my school work, I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking.  “Look out!” a man shouted as I almost stepped off the curb in front of a bus.  As I sighed with relief at having narrowly averted disaster, I looked up and there was my best friend, Tom.  I really look up to Tom when it comes to his mastery of English.  He makes learning English look easy.”

There are five examples of phrasal verb expressions that contain the word “look”.  Don’t be depressed, but you will find twelve more if you consult this link:

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