3 Reasons You Never Reached the Interviewing Chair

Do you apply for jobs, but never hear back?

A few years ago, if you were decently qualified and applied for multiple jobs, there was a good chance you at least got an email or a call back from a few.

Today, there is such fierce competition for jobs that overqualified applicants and just that many more people in general are clawing for the same positions. This means that you most likely won’t be hearing back from most jobs you’ve tried to land.  Most career consultants will say, this is normal these days and to keep on applying and networking without becoming discouraged.  But, there are  a few things you can do to really stand out from the rest of the pack and to start that phone singing that sweet sweet “ringggggg”,  keep on reading to find out.

1. You’re just not their “Golden Child”

You might be good, but another applicant just fit’s their “Ideal Candidate” image better. When the job market is tighter than a drum head, employers have plenty of people to choose from and can usually find exactly what they’re looking for.  Don’t expect a sorry letter.

2. If they got to you, they’d like you

Employers receive so many resumes for any given job, that they would never have to use a phone book as a booster seat for their toddler again.  Ever have that friend that’s not so good looking but always has the best looking boyfriend or girlfriend?  Well, do what they do!  The more people you send your resume to and the more places you network, you will eventually get noticed and receive a call back. Don’t take rejection personally, because in many instances, you never even got a look to begin with.

3. You might have got a call if you had…followed directions!

The majority of job postings online have detailed applicant procedures using wordage like “Must”, “To be considered”, and trust us, they are serious.  Do you think they are going to hire someone who can’t even follow simple instructions?  Make sure you heed any directions listed in a job posting and tailor your resume for every single job you apply for.  They want to know how you can fulfill their position, not just see what you’ve done in general.

While some of the above content might seem a little discouraging, the main point of this article is to accept that getting a job right now ain’t easy.  The best advice is to make sure your resume is flawless, you know what kind of job you’re even looking for, and as the infinitely wise Joe Dirt once said, “you just gotta keep on, keepin’ on”. If you’d like a free consultation on how to write a resume, give us a call!

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