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Top 5 Resume Writing Tips

 A resume is often your first impression to the company you are attempting to be hired by. As such, making your resume stand out amidst the rest gives you that extra shine above all others. Here are five simple tips to give you a better chance of getting your foot in the door: 1. Organize […]

Miami English: A language all its own?

English/Spanish sign

Miami English is a curious phenomenon. While locals can often pinpoint the so-called “Miami accent” it can still be difficult to describe, and it’s not as notably different as Boston or New York accents. Miami’s Latin-American community has certainly made a mark on the way locals use language. The cultural influence has even affected non-Hispanic […]

10 Resume Myths

10 resume myths

Anyone on the job hunt knows that having a great resume is an absolute essential. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there about what it takes to craft an ideal resume. This article will dispel ten of these myths and will arm you with the correct information in creating a resume that will […]

What are The Differences Between a Resume and a Curriculum Vitae (CV)?

differences between a resume and a cv

Resumes and curriculum vitae (CV) are terms sometimes used interchangeably, but it is essential to know the differences between the two. A resume is basically a summary of your education and your work experience that is relevant to the job you are applying for. This work experience is listed in reverse chronological order. Resumes can be […]

The World’s Newest Language!

We’ve all heard of dead languages, but a group of children in northern Australia have recently created a newborn language. This discovery was made by University of Michigan linguist Carmel O’Shannessy. The new tongue, Warlpiri rampaku, (also known as Light Warlpiri,) originated in Lajamanu, a remote village with a population of about 700, nestled in […]

Spanish Language Differences in Latin America and Spain

Spanish Speaking Countries

The Spanish language is one of the five most widely spoken of the Romance languages, ahead of Portuguese, French, Italian and Romanian. While these five are the most common, some experts have listed the actual number of existing Romance languages as nearly 25, although this estimate may be on the low side. The Romance languages […]

What’s The Difference Between a Translation and a Localization?

When thinking about how best to market goods and services, many people would consider localization and translation to be one in the same. In reality, they are quite different tools. Ever wondered what’s the difference between a translation and a localization? Read on to learn a bit more! Translation is a necessary tool to reach […]

Team WriteThatRight is presenting on Internet Marketing at the NOSSCR Conference 2012!

So, after a bit of luck and building a name in the world of internet marketing, part of the Write that Right team will be heading to Philadelphia on May, 3rd to present about internet marketing and social media for social security attorneys. We’re expecting a crowd of about 3-400 for our presentation!!!!

Crappy English on my Favorite Chinese Restaurant’s Menu

“That Right, We do Booze Now!” This was the menu at my favorite Chinese restaurant in Philadelphia, and while it was nothing like I saw when I visited Shanghai, I still chuckled a bit.    

3 Reasons You Never Reached the Interviewing Chair

Do you apply for jobs, but never hear back? A few years ago, if you were decently qualified and applied for multiple jobs, there was a good chance you at least got an email or a call back from a few. Today, there is such fierce competition for jobs that overqualified applicants and just that […]

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